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Reflect: Curated Objects from 16 US Studios

JOIN, a designer/maker collective that began in 2008, has expanded over the years since its incarnation in Seattle. Now, the group includes 40+ independent designers and makers from around the United States and they just presented a curated show featuring … Read More

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Plein Air Pastel Demo With Underpainting

My plein air painting Barn at Dusk was created with a value underpainting that combines both local and complementary color. [Click here to order your “Passion for Plein Air” painting pack!] 1. My surface is a Dakota Wallis board. … Read More



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"Go With The Flow II"

Here is the companion to Go With The Flow I -Go With The Flow II5 x 5″oil on panelPlease click here to the auction page for Go With The Flow II. Auction ends June 8 at 9 pm ET.And here are … Read More

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Picks: Sharpe-Walentas Open Studios

Two years ago the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Space Program joined forces with the Walentas Family Foundation, the philanthropic element of Two Trees Management Company (my landlord). Two Trees owns the Brooklyn building that houses the Sharpe Foundation, which since 1991 … Read More

Lena Hades: Madonna and Nietzsche: Herstory in History

“I only attack causes that are victorious — in some cases I wait until they are victorious,” — this is a quote from the last book written by philoso… Read more: Lena Hades, Madonna, Friedrich Nietzsche, Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Art, … Read More

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"A Voice"

6 x 8″oil on panelJean-Michel Basquiat is probably the most recognized Neo-Expressionism artist of the 20th Century, born in Brooklyn, NY in 1960, his father was Haitian-American, his mother was Puerto Rican. I would describe him as brilliant (he… Read More

Art marketing

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Featured Artist Candace Primack

Artist Candace Primack composes meditative and contemplative abstract paintings by using only a few monochromatic colors and simple markings. To view more of her artwork, please visit her website. “Symbiotic” Acrylic, Charcoal and Oil Stick, 30” x 40” One of … Read More

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Featured Artist Sally Walsh

Australian artist Sally Walsh has embraced the medium of watercolor with all its “unruliness” to create wonderfully fun, lively and colorful pieces of art. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website. “Australian Barn Owl” Watercolour, 21cm x 21cm … Read More

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5 Recommendations for Online Success

It used to be that the only way artists knew to promote their art was to send 35-millimeter slide packets to galleries That was about $30 worth of slides with first-class postage and a return envelope with the same … Read More

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Featured Artist Wendy Ives

Fiber artist Wendy Ives shares her felting techniques, inspiration and whimsical designs. Enjoy and be sure to visit her website for more. Detail shot, “The Bees Knees” hand dyed felted painting / shawl My art pieces are constructed with 100% … Read More


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A Tribute to the Fallen

Blogger: Kent Bonner, Design Principal | Arlington, VA, USA I recently paid a visit to the Alexandria Police Fallen Officers Memorial. It’s a place that I occasionally go to break from the daily grind and reflect on the lessons… Read More

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A House in Lithuania with a Modern Scandinavian Interior

Interior architect Indre Sunklodiene, of Interjero Architektė (InArch), was tasked with designing the interior of the 250-square-meter (2690-square-foot) Namas Pušyne house in Lithuania for a young family of three. The clients asked for a modern interior with… Read More

Art Reviews

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Sweet Sorrow, Et Cetera

Mikhail Clodt, Der Abschied, before 1902.It is a strange thing to monetize your emotions. Anyone who writes or creates knows this. And the work one does on the Internet feels insubstantial, even by the flimsy standards of intellectual property. Any … Read More

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Acquisitions of the Month: May 2016

Our round-up of the best works of art to enter public collections recently Georgia O’Keeffe Museum The Barns, Lake George (1926), Georgia O’Keeffe The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum has acquired The Barns, Lake George (1926) using its acquisitions … Read More

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Whose Land, Whose Lord?

If the West Bank were a multiplex, it might play only horror films—but not for Shimon Attie. His Middle East contains competing narratives, filled with grandiose claims, frustrated beginnings, and nothing approaching an ending. Finders, Keepers would run up … Read More



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It’s hard work being a swan!

Is Swan Lake anything like Black Swan? How does it feel to dance the most famous ballet of all time on the Royal Albert Hall’s oval stage? What are the biggest challenges for the artists of the corps de … Read More

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Simple but Effective Ankle Strengtheners

(Hannah Foster, photo by Nathan Sayers for Pointe) Even after years of pointework, ankle strengthening never stops. Freshen up your warm-up routine with these three daily exercises from Leigh Heflin Ponniah, MA, MSc, from the Harkness Center for Dance… Read More


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Main Stay House by Matt Fajkus Architecture

Matt Fajkus Architecture designed the Main Stay House in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood of Austin, Texas with flexibility in mind. The structure is scaled back to eliminate extraneous details while still presenting an intriguing facade. The entryway is hidden from… Read More

Amanda Schneider: Cross-Market Influences

In recent years, a residential feeling has been invading offices, and work has invaded the home… but apparently these cross-market influences aren’t… Read more: Workplace, What-Is-Working-Small-Businesses, Interior Design, Architecture, Business News Read More