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When Ideas Overlap

It's been a little while since we've shared random doodles from a sketchbook. To remedy that immediately, I bring you: Anton Marrast. His sketchbook has tons of intriguing two-page spreads that I'm having a good time … Read More

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Summer Session – Labor and Looking “Professional”

As we wrap up this month’s Summer Session theme of labor, today we direct our readers to Autumn Whitefield-Madrano’s consideration of the entanglements between beauty, self-presentation, and maintenance at The New Inquiry. “Professional” clip art. … Read More

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A Long Overdue Documentary about Dieter Rams

When you think of iconic, game-changing designers of the last century, Dieter Rams is bound to be in the top 10. His influence on the design world continues to reign and will for generations to come. Now, after over 50 years… Read More

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Talking Texture with Acrylic Artist Donne Bitner

In the summer 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist we feature Donne Bitner and take a look at her watercolor-like paintings of invented landscapes and seascapes. We caught up with Bittner to take a closer look at her work New Day … Read More

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Hypnotizing Geometric GIFs

"Outlets" by Jay Keeree is an ongoing series of GIFs that have kept me hypnotized with geometric shapes sliding around in all directions. He describes the side project as something which allows him to practice, experiment, and keep himself … Read More



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The Great Divide

10 in. x 30 in. Acrylic on Canvas of a close up of Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay, Alaska Save The post The Great Divide appeared first on ArtistDaily. Read More

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Men curating women

Last week "The Female Gaze, Part 2: Women Look At Men," an exhibition that includes many rich and inventive paintings, opened at Cheim and Read. The first edition, "The Female Gaze: Women Look at Women," took place … Read More

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Solving the Mystery of Monet

Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies by Claude Monet, oil painting, 1899. Mitchell Albala is an inspiring art instructor in the field of landscape painting, and it turns out he’s an awesome detective as well. Recently, he did some … Read More

Art marketing

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Featured Artist Barbara Mink

Abstract artist Barbara Mink creates heavily layered artwork that is bold, textural and vigorously chromatic. Enjoy more of her art by visiting her website. “Blackstar” Ink and Acrylic Skins, 48” x 72” I’m the daughter of a painter from Buffalo, … Read More

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Featured Artist Yossi Sigura

Israeli-born artist Yossi Sigura paints with a contemporary impressionist style. His landscapes and seascapes are filled with movement, light and color. See more of his artwork on his website. “Evening Dance” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 24” I was … Read More

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Featured Artist Sandra Dawson

Sandra Dawson’ mixed media paintings use symbols, icons and mythological elements layered on beautiful colorful backgrounds. They draw the viewer into another world. Find more of her work on her website. Artist Sandra Dawson. I grew up with five siblings, … Read More

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Nestle In to Your Artist Community

As a student of art history, I love reading about communities of artists that evolved organically over the centuries. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in the Cedar Tavern in the 1940s and 50s! I believe that … Read More


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Exploring Atlanta’s Modern Homes

Recently, we headed down to Atlanta to check out the houses on the MA! Design is Human architecture tours. We hopped into a MINI Clubman and drove around the city to see what Atlanta had to offer by way of… Read More

Art Reviews

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“Intimisms,” a new group exhibition at James Cohan Gallery, looks at the legacy of the Intimists, a group of late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century artists—Jean-Edouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard among them—remembered for the rich closeness and empathy … Read More

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My masterpiece selection: Lauren Prakke

To coincide with the opening of Masterpiece London, we asked leading cultural figures to pick out some of their personal favourite masterpieces When it comes to design, I’m very loyal to the objects I love but I’m not particularly faithful … Read More

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Wowing Architecture

“It’s not the fashion to create ‘wow’ architecture anymore.” Wow, and you may have the same reaction to the five architects in “A Japanese Constellation,” at the Modern through July 4. The show’s curator, … Read More



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Get to know ENBYouthCo – our youth dance company

Go to photo ENBYouthCo sharing on 18 December 2015. Photo: © Photography by ASH Applications are open for ENBYouthCo’s annual auditions taking place on Sunday 24 July. ENBYouth is our youth dance company comprised of dancers aged 14-19, with a unique focus on … Read More

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Houston Ballet Goes Down Under: We Made It to Melbourne!

From June 24–July 10, Houston Ballet is embarking on its biggest tour yet to Melbourne, Australia, hometown of artistic director Stanton Welch. Pointe asked demi-soloist Jacquelyn Long to keep a diary of her experiences. June 26, 2016 We made it! Dylan Lackey, … Read More

Michael Nirenberg: Notes on Latin Freestyle

At these parties my aunt and uncles and the older people would bump what we now know as classic 1970s salsa music: the pulsing Latin influenced dance sounds of Willie Colón, Hector Lavoe, Fania All Stars, music I leaned to … Read More


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AA House by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the AA House was designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects where the design was led by the original structure. They focused on horizontal and vertical planes and worked with different textures, compositions, and materials to not… Read More

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10 Modern Outdoor Spaces with Swings for Relaxing

The boiling hot days of summer are upon us meaning plenty of outdoor time. Hopefully some of that time includes a bit of relaxing and reflecting as you try to stay cool. There’s no better way to spend summertime … Read More